Where most people see wooden furniture, doors and windows that are “past their sell-by date”, we see an opportunity to reincarnate these pieces and revive their classic beauty that has been forgotten, up to our trademark high quality standards.

Repair and restoration of a door.
Strippers follow a simple approach to restoring any item. First, we remove all old coatings with our unique wood-stripping process. Only after carefully revealing the condition of the wood beneath are we able to discuss its restoration potential with our clients. If an item can be effectively restored, we then explain to our clients the various finishes and textures available for the desired look and feel of the restored wood. Finally, we expertly repair and restore the item to its former glory, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship and finish. Our furniture restoration service based in Cape Town has been our passion for more than 20 years. More Information


The many advantages of the Strippers workmanship include that the resulting natural beauty and character will show the original authenticity of high standard craftsmanship and general excellence of restored furniture, so that added value and renewed quality are combined in a cost effective, exciting new life that many of yesteryear’s old pieces richly deserve. This is exciting for those private collectors, as well as dealers and decorators, even homeowners with items of sentimental value who appreciate the individual service and attention that we extend to each piece, from our specialized stripping and cleaning operation, with our unique immersion technique for selected items to the individual and carefully selected finish applied to each piece. Right from the free quotation, our collection and delivery service, the attention given to environmental concerns, to the end result, we maintain a good value for money and customer satisfaction approach.
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