I’ve used the services of Strippers for some 15 years, solely as a consequence of their expertise and knowledge in the business of wood stripping.Words like workmanship and professionalism, coupled with expert advice and guidance come readily to mind when dealing with this company.A visit to their factory, to see their range of wonderfully restored windows, frames, door and pieces of furniture bears testimony to their craftsmanship.I’ve experienced these attributes when I decided to restore a piece of family heritage – a kitchen dresser, all of 90 years old, which had been relegated to the garage in 1953 as a tool cupboard.It was taken to Strippers in a pretty sad state – covered in decades of paint, broken and or missing pieces and, worst of all – beetle had clearly had a field day on the rear panels.After a week of initial paint stripping I was called to the factory to examine the progress made and to evaluate and agree to the next stages of restoration.

The dresser, even at this early stage, looked good and it was easy to make the decision to replace the beetle-damaged rear panels and replicate the missing crown.A week later and the finished product looked a stunner – restored in such a manner as to grace the lounge for another 90 years.The cost effectiveness of using Strippers for all serious wood restoration jobs cannot be underestimated. It is virtually impossible to achieve the same result by employing DIY methods such as sanding or caustic soda. Additionally, weighing up the time and labor spent on “the home job”, together with the inevitable damage to the original wood, the quality Strippers finish cannot be compared.

John Mütti
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