After many, many years of shopping for some beautiful table cloths to hide what was a very drab, cracked and badly finished 1960's black lacquered table, I decided to replace my dining room table and chairs with a piece of furniture of which I could be proud.

At the insistence of my family, I decided to investigate what lay beneath the crackled surface of our table. In truth, I held little hope for the table that my family grew up around. However, having agreed to at least try and rescue the table and chairs, my mind turned immediately to Strippers. A company with whom I have had a long association.

My late husband and I have known Mr. Voerman of Strippers for many years and within our property development company, believe there to be no equal. Strippers have always, over a lengthy period, provided consistently high levels of both customer service and quality "product" service.

Having agreed to experiment and test a portion of the table, I called Mr. Voerman who, after a through investigation, suggested that it would most certainly be worthwhile putting the table and chairs through "the process". With Strippers' reputation, there was no doubt in my mind that the experiment would be both worthwhile and cost effective.

After a few days looking at the void in my dining room, wondering about my new table, Mr. Voreman returned a most amazing piece of furniture. It had the same shape of my table, and the chairs had the same upholstery, but the wood... the wood, it seemed had gone on holiday. It came back to my dining room having gained something, some warmth and character that only the likes of Strippers could have given it.

No longer was I faced with the crackled black lacquer from the 1960's but in its place, Strippers returned the most beautifully natural wooden table and chairs, fit to compliment any environment. Re-surfaced to withstand both the sun and grandchildren but feeling as natural as if it were just made.

As I look back on the experience of having sent this table away to be stripped and cleaned, it dawns on me now how comfortable and relaxed Strippers made me feel. In fact, from the moment Mr. Voerman came to see the table, I never doubted that I had made the right choice. Come what may and at whatever cost. And on this point of cost, I was most certainly as surprised at the value for money as I was at the outcome of the experiment.

I feel that these days, people are quick to complain but less inclined to take the time to compliment. Having worked with Strippers professionally for many years, I can most certainly recommend them for anyone needing to undertake some restoration work. If only Strippers could restore all service companies to their standards.

  Mrs Neva Kornblum
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